I’m more than a listening ear, I’m here to help YOU.

I’m more than a listening ear, I’m here to help YOU.

As a professional therapist …

I'm more than just a listening ear, I'm here to help you:

  • discover a new perspective
  • identify the source of the challenges you’re facing
  • equip you with tools and resources to cope and manage daily responsibilities.

All of us move through life with occasional experiences that leave us feeling overwhelmed and in need of support. Together we’ll work to better understand the situations, triggers and feelings that interfere with your health and happiness. I’m here to listen with compassion and without judgment, and to support you to find the way forward that feels the best for you in your unique situation.  While my specific approach will depend on your particular concern, my approach is generally grounded in a combination of interventions from Solution-Focused, Emotion-Focused, Narrative and Cognitive Therapies.

I’m here to listen and provide the guidance and support you need to take positive steps in the right direction.

Some of my Specialties include:

Workplace Stress and Conflict

Managing conflict.
Finding ways to be healthy in your work.
Managing your emotions.
Relaxation and grounding strategies.
Setting boundaries and gaining work/life balance.
Responding to feedback positively.

Relationships in Transition

Understanding the characteristics of a healthy relationship.
Listening to hear, rather than listening to respond.
Learning how to ask for what you need.
Breaking patterns.
Defining and setting boundaries.
Understanding behaviours that prevent intimacy.


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